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Sociopath facial expression photography

For years, scientists have known that psychopaths' brains are different from normal ones. Brain scans show reduced activity in areas that regulate impulses, emotions , aggression, and morality. But since you probably don't have brain scans at your disposal, there are some other ways to tell if you might be dealing with a real-life psychopath. A new study examining existing literature on psychopaths discovered that they may be detected through subtle differences in the way they hold conversations.
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The problem with psychopaths: a fearful face doesn't deter them

Sociopath facial expression photography
Sociopath facial expression photography
Sociopath facial expression photography
Sociopath facial expression photography
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The problem with psychopaths: a fearful face doesn't deter them - Scientific American Blog Network

The authors examined the association between psychopathy and identification of facial expressions of emotion. Previous research in this area is scant and has produced contradictory findings Blair et. One hundred and forty-five male jail inmates, rated using the Hare Psychopathy Checklist: Screening Version participated in a facial affect recognition task. The authors predicted that psychopathy would be associated with decreased affect recognition, particularly for sad and fearful emotional expressions, and decreased recognition of less intense displays of facial affect. Results were largely consistent with expectations in that psychopathy was negatively correlated with overall facial recognition of affect, sad facial affect, and recognition of less intense displays of affect. An unexpected negative correlation with recognition of happy facial affect was also found.
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You can spot psychopaths by looking at their eyes, new research suggests

We can apply these facial pattern indicators to any group of photos of known or unknown persons to get a pretty good indicator as to whether they might have sociopathic personalities. In time, through the use of computer facial analysis, it will be possible to fine-tune these observations and achieve results of significantly greater accuracy for identifying not only sociopathy but many other personality types and disorders. At the end of this article are a number of examples of how this system works which you can test yourself. However, before I lay out the results of my informal study which include hundreds of images, a few explanations are in order. First, sociopathy is a condition where the subject the sociopath is unable to experience empathy.
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Because incarcerated individuals are a protected population within Germany, we cannot publically provide the data. Psychopathic individuals show selfish, manipulative, and antisocial behavior in addition to emotional detachment and reduced empathy. Their empathic deficits are thought to be associated with a reduced responsiveness to emotional stimuli. Immediate facial muscle responses to the emotional expressions of others reflect the expressive part of emotional responsiveness and are positively related to trait empathy. Empirical evidence for reduced facial muscle responses in adult psychopathic individuals to the emotional expressions of others is rare.
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