New Officers for the 2014-2015 School Year

President – Hannah Guernsey

Year: Senior
Hometown: Austin, Texas
Major(s): International Relations and Government
Interesting Fact: I used to have a pet pig named Tulip
Campaign:  Children’s Rights
“Amnesty offers students a chance to get involved in both local and international communities. It offers the opportunity to learn about and discuss important events going on around the world.”

Vice President – Ana Hernandez


Year: Senior
Hometown: Austin, Texas
Major(s): Latin American Studies and History
Interesting Fact: I speak Spanish, am minoring in Portuguese, and am planning on learning Quechua.
Campaign:  Justice for prisoners of conscience.
“Amnesty empowers individuals to make a difference in the world through education and activism.”

Historian – Sahare Wazirali


Year: Junior
Hometown: Dallas, Texas
Major(s): Public Health, Pre-med
Interesting Fact: I pretty much get an average of 9 nose-bleeds a week and I consider myself a master of twerking. You should take me seriously.
Campaign: My Body, My Rights!
“I love that Amnesty doesn’t just talk about issues and raise awareness. We create solutions to the world’s human rights offenses and invite everyone to take on the fight.”

Urgent Action Coordinator – Mukund Rathi


Year: Junior
Hometown: Austin, Texas
Major: Computer Science Honors
Interesting fact: I really, really hate bell peppers. A lot.
Campaign: Fight against Guantanamo.
“It’s great that everyone can be both relaxed and friendly, but also passionate and driven to accomplish something.”

Publicity Coordinator – Danielle Harvey

Year: Junior
Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland
Major(s): Government and English
“I love the group of people involved with this organization and the opportunity to make a difference in the world”

Treasurer – Isabella Bejar


Year: Junior
Hometown: San Antonio, Texas
Major: Journalism
Interesting Fact: I have a plethora of trivia stored in my brain
Campaign:  Women’s Rights
“Amnesty is a local community of people who care about the global community”

Secretary – Kevin Franklin

Year: SeniorIMG_7527
Hometown: Port Neches, Texas
Major: Chemical Engineering
Random Fact: Jake Gyllenhaal is my husband, and Chris Evans is my other husband.
Campaign: LGBT rights, Freedom from torture

“When you advocate for human rights, you can definitely feel insignificant and powerless at times. Fortunately, what helps is surrounding yourself with people who care sincerely and passionately about these issues. This group has that in spades, and I love not feeling powerless.”

Tahira Diaby – Historian

IMG_5238Year: Junior
Hometown: Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire
Major(s): International Relations & Global Studies, Economics
Fact: I’m trilingual!
Campaigns: Gender equality, freedom of speech

Not a student at UT but want to get involved in Amnesty?
Contact SACs Ana Hernandez ( or Jeanette Lachman ( for information about other chapters in or around Austin!