Central American Immigrants

We meet every Monday at 6 pm at PAR 101.
Come join us for our next meeting at November 26!


Why would people uproot their whole lives, pack it into the smallest backpack possible, and leave to a foreign land full of unforeseeable challenges?
Because that is a survival instinct.
That is the better alternative.
Not all of us live privileged lives, and there are, right at this very moment, many places on this planet which are indescribably inhabitable. Maybe that is because of an active conflict, or a government propaganda, but it is safe to assume that when someone is fleeing for their own home country and they are escaping from a place they truly in the depths of their hearts believe to be a bad environment to grow up in. How is it that we, as fellow humans neglect to see that? I presume is it quite easy to forget life exists outside our comfort zone, but I assure you, that it is. And sometimes it is quite threatening. So open your arms, wallow your bias, and let those weary souls rest for a while. Practice kindness, and recognize hardships have no preference. Where someone stands, you can too, just as easily.



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