Working Women’s Rights

We meet every Monday at 6 pm at PAR 101.
Come join us for our next meeting at November 12!


One Chromosome apart; 

How eerie it is that even before entering this world, our fate is decided? How eerie is it that through no fault or weaknesses of our own, our role in the society is predestined to be the submissive one? The “weaker” one. The one who has to look behind their shoulder walking down every abandoned road. The one who has to work twice as hard to earn half as much, and respect? Negligible. 
How eerie it is that it speaks more about the world as a whole than our gender identity? It talks more about the insecurity of our society, how it cannot trust powerful beings to rise above their circumstances and take their rightful place. And it talks about how people have always feared losing, so they attempt to eliminate the competition.

But rest assured, the world is changing and we are changing. Everyone can rise based on their capacity, not their genetic makeup.
Welcome to a world of merit. 



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