Ahmadis Rights

We meet every Monday at 6 pm at PAR 101.
Come join us for our next meeting at November 5!


Persecution by Faith;

Our belief, our own ideals are our fundamental rights. If our perspectives do not invalidate other people’s existence, we can choose to have faith in whoever or even no one. And to assume our stand as the lone righteous is a reflection of naivety and immaturity. Our life is streaked with diversity and a multitude of experiences, people live in same, yet different worlds.

We certainly seem to enjoy segregating ourselves and diving ourselves into segments, and though this may give us a place to belong to, it also creates disparities and conflict. If we can learn to handle our differences, the world wouldn’t be so harsh and cruel as it seems today.
Tolerance. Is a simple word.

Respect each others’ existences.
Respect humanity. single-large-yellow-sunflower-FL30


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