First General Meeting!

Welcome to the Resistance 

We are an organization that works to create a just and harmonious community and works at the grassroots level to demand change and progress, on the mind and the collective. Join us in our pursuit of equity and basic human rights for every human being regardless of gender, religion, race, and finance. 

 We have our meetings every Monday at 6 pm, PAR 101, at the University of Texas at Austin.
Our first meeting is on Septemeber 10! Feel free to join us for snacks and conversations. 


We Protest, We Write & We Converse ;

UT Amnesty is a small chapter of a big Organization called Amnesty International, which works on the grassroots level to advocate for human rights and social justice in their community. And taking these small steps results in big changes.

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Take part in our Journey ;

We have a lot to offer this year! Please be on the lookout for numerous opportunities to participate such as :

  • Annual March to Abolish the Death Penalty: October 20, 2 pm at the Capitol

  • Write for Rights: December, date TBD

  • Jamnesty: March, date TBD


Make a Difference Now ;

Amnesty International does not delay justice. We are on a constant run to spread awareness and take a stand against the injustices of the world. Here are some ways you can do so too :

  • To Stop the selling and detention of refugees and migrants in Libya click here

  • To release human rights activist from unjust imprisonment click here

  • To close Australia’s hidden detention camps click here

In case you want to involve yourself in a global movement, you can stand up for the brave here



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